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Hello and Welcome to Speechise!

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    Speechise Team

Speechise is a newly released, free online text-to-speech app. In this post, I would like to introduce who we are and explain why we created Speechise.

Our goal is to make Speechise the best multi-purpose voice generation tool available. While we are starting small, we are already quite useful. Currently, you need to copy and paste the text you want to listen to, but you can already choose from over 50 different voice languages.

We are highly customer-focused and eagerly await your feedback and feature requests. You can suggest features or enhancements, and we will develop them for you to use and enjoy for free.

We are part of the team that originally developed Aspose.Words, a highly successful product with over 20 years of history. It's a document processing library. As our company expanded into new directions, we took on several new projects.

Here is a list of projects that we either develop or closely collaborate with:

  1. This site, offering a free text-to-voice conversion application. It's designed to make text content accessible through natural speech.
  2. comprises a collection of free online applications designed to read and convert your eBooks. It aims to provide a seamless experience for eBook enthusiasts.
  3. Aspose.eBook Apps: These online applications are also dedicated to eBook conversion. They are part of the comprehensive Aspose suite of free apps.
  4. Aspose.Words: Aspose.Words is a powerful .NET, Java, and C++ class library for document conversion, merging, rendering, and various document-processing tasks.
  5. Aspose.Words Cloud: Aspose.Words Cloud is a low-code, cloud-based version of the Aspose.Words library. It provides a convenient and scalable solution for document processing in the cloud, catering to a wide range of document automation needs.