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Beyond Limits: Speechise Premium is a Paid Subscription

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    Speechise Team

In a step towards enhancing your text-to-speech experience, we are excited to introduce Speechise Premium.

For just $5 users can enjoy a generous limit of 1 million characters, equivalent to approximately 400-500 pages of text. This new offering addresses the needs of users who wish to convert longer passages, essays, or entire documents into captivating spoken content.

Over the last few months the demand for Speechise has exceeded our expectations, leading us to introduce a premium plan to sustain the quality and availability of our service. While the free version of Speechise will continue to be available, Speechise Premium provides an affordable solution for users seeking a seamless text-to-speech experience.

Whether you are a content creator, student, or professional, Speechise Premium empowers you to break free from text constraints. Imagine effortlessly converting lengthy articles, academic papers, or project reports into audio, enabling you to absorb information on the go or reach a broader audience with your spoken content.